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Protect Your Investment with Atlantic Building Inspection Service, LLC!

Real Estate is a substantial investment, both financially and emotionally. You cannot afford property with multiple unknown problems. Let Atlantic conduct a thorough analysis of your building and take some of the worries out of your important decision!


Why Choose Atlantic Building Inspection Service

Atlantic Building Inspection Service, LLC has conducted thousands of building inspections and provides a professional, objective visual analysis and investigation into the present condition of the physical structure and mechanical systems of your investment.

  • Atlantic determines the building's strengths, including pointing out the positive aspects of the structure and recommending preventative measures to keep the building in excellent condition.
  • Atlantic determines whether or not there are any deficiencies or inadequacies so that there are no unpleasant surprises or financial burdens.
  • After the visual analysis, Atlantic provides an accurate and comprehensive written report, within 24-48 hours, describing the true condition of the building, including strengths, deficiencies and building maintenance recommendations.
  • Atlantic recommends that you attend the building inspection so we have the opportunity to educate you as to the condition of all systems and components of the building as well as inform you as to how to keep your property in excellent condition. Gain invaluable insights about your investment with Atlantic!
  • All findings are completely confidential.